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Judge umpire



1/ He may temporarily delegate his powers.

2/ The referee is responsible for the sincerity and accuracy of the results.

3/ He is also responsible for the transmission of the results within the set deadlines.

4/ The umpire prepares the main draws and ensures the timely publication and posting of the schedules of the parties and their results.

5/ Referee can write a warning in the event of a serious incident.

6/ It is not mandatory that the parties be arbitrated.

7/ However, it is advisable for the organizing club to appoint court supervisors who will ensure that the games are chained and held in the best conditions.

Tournament Committee



The tournament committee, composed of Esther Lasheras and José Catalan:

1/ Sets the amount of the entry fees.

2/ Establishes tournament rules in accordance with federal regulations.

3/ Stops without a list the players admitted to participate.

4/ Reserves without recourse the possibility of excluding players from their behavior on and off the field during a tournament.

5/ Reserves without right the right to refuse the participation of the players:

  • Not responding to QATAR PADEL TOUR's ethics
  • In relation to their behavior on and off the field
  • Not responding to the ethics of sport in general
  • Defines and indicates to the referee the course of action he wishes to see for the progression of the tournament and oversees the draws ensure the smooth running of the competition
  • Provides for each disputed game a minimum of 3 balls PADEL QATAR

6/ Take the measures it deems necessary to ensure, in the allotted time, the smooth running of the tournament.