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Dear padel lovers,

From the 10th of January 2021 until 13th of February 2021 we will celebrate the 3rd round of the league. From now on you can register online or at Aspire courts.


Looking forward to seeing you enjoying the league and meeting many people new to play.

Happy new year full of health and padel!!!

Padel Qatar Team

  • Maximum of 8 teams per category and minimum of 6.
  • Match to be played at Aspire Courts

There are 32 days to play 5 to 7 matches (depending number of teams per category)

Each team has to play all matches to complete the round. 

At the end of the round the first 2 teams from each category will be promoted (except category 1) and the last 2 teams from each category will be relegated (except last category)

Registration fees of 50QAR per player and after normal 90'  booking wll be applied 


  • The winner of each match will be the best of 3 sets
  • 3 set is a super tie break (10 points with a difference of 2)
  • In case of doubt during a point the point will be repeated.
  • Match WON will add 2 points to the team while match LOST will be 0 (zero)
  • Match PLAYED will add 1 point
  • A 10 minutes courtesy will be granted before the start of each match
  • After accomplished the 10 minutes of courtesy the team not ready at the court will be considered as W.O. (Walk Over)
  • The final group allocation for each team is at discretion of Padel Qatar
  • Each game in case of deuce will be decided by the rule of Golden Point.

Dear padel players,

With sadness, we have to communicate that Padel Qatar didn’t arrive to an agreement with Al Arabi SC management to renew the leasing of the space where the padel courts are. For that reason, we are forced to shut down our facilities there.

We are really sorry for the inconvenience it caused to you but we will continue working to offer you soon new places to play.

Best wishes,

Padel Qatar Team


Dear padel players:

Hope all of you are safe and sound.

Below you can find the final position for each team and category after finishing the 1st League Round. Teams in GREEN colour will be promoted and teams in RED will be relegated. Some variations may be done in relation with the teams thay will continue, the new ones and teams that will withdraw.

Registration period for the new round will be opened for all teams until 19th of November through the website and the players will be allocated in proper categories depending on the previous round. Remember you must chose your category but Padel Qatar has the right to modify it.
The second round will take place from 23rd November to 22nd December and the ability to book in advance is still available.

Have a look to the new punctuation and rules information at

New teams are welcomed!

Have a great day and see you at the courts



Dear ladies,

We are glad to introduce you the Fall Tournament 2020.

It consist on 2 groups of 12 Teams each; Gold for the most advanced players and Silver for the begginer ones.

Each team will play a minumum of 2 matches.

The stage group of Category Gold will be played on 20th of October while the Silver will be played on Wednesday the 21th of October.

Semi-Finals and Finals will run on the 22nd. 

Registration fees150QAR per player


  • The winner of the match will be the team who reach 9 games with a difference of 2
  • Final matches will be played best of 3 sets
  • In case of draw 9/9 a tie break will be played
  • In case of doubt during a point the point will be repeated.
  • A 5 minutes courtesy will be granted before the start of each match
  • After accomplished the 5 minutes of courtesy the team not ready at the court will be considered as W.O. (Walk Over)
  • The final category allocation for each team is at discretion of Padel Qatar

Looking forward to seeing you at the court.

Smile & Enjoy


Dear Padel Lovers,

Padel Qatar is delighted to present the Clubs League. It is a new format in which every team will be able to represent his club in future competitions.

Each one of the clubs have his own league running at the same time. The first round will be played between the 11th and 31st of October 2020.

A maximum of 30 teams will be allocated in 5 groups with 6 teams each. At the end of the round, the first 2 teams from each category will be promoted (except category 1) and the last 2 teams from each category will be relegated (except category 5)

The matches will be played only at the club in which you registered for the league: Aspire, Al Arabi or Al Wakrah.

On line pre-enrollment is allowed however, a registration fee of 50QAR per player will be paid to confirm the enrollment and a regular booking fee will be charged for every match. (*)

Bookings can be made 8 days prior to the match and the player has to inform Padel Qatar which match will take place (group and match).

Registration period starts today and will be closed on the 9th of October at 23:59h

Choose your club, Smile & Enjoy


  • The winner of each match will be the best of 3 sets
  • Each game will be decided by the rule of Golden Point.
  • In case of doubt during a point the point will be repeated.
  • A 10’ minutes courtesy will be granted before the start of each match
  • After accomplished the 10’ minutes of courtesy the team not ready at the court will be considered as W.O. (Walk Over)
  • The final group allocation for each team is at discretion of Padel Qatar
  • When the court time is over and the match has not finished a new booking will be necessary at the players cost.

(*) the 24h cancellation policy will be applied (should the agree time to play the match is not rescheduled before 24h, the booking of the court will be charged evenly to the four players).


Dear padel lovers,

As all of you surely know, from next Monday, June 15, PadelQatar returns to normal and you can start booking online from now on.

We hope that all of you continue enjoying to the maximum this sport that we love and for which we work with passion.

Again all our facilities are at your service in:

  • Qatar Sports Club
  • Al Arabi Sports Club
  • Al Wakrah Complex
  • Aspire Park Courts
  • Qatar Women Sports Committee

Please be sure to apply the security regulations set by the State of Qatar and that safeguards the health of both our clients and our staff, who are always ready to help.

Looking forward to seeing you all playing padel again.

See you at the court,

Smile & Enjoy


Dear padel lovers,

Following the recommendations of the State of Qatar and the WHO, PadelQatar closes its facilities with social responsibility to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 until further notice.

Stay safe and see you soon,

PadelQatar team


Dear Padel Lovers,

Wish all of you are happy and full of health to play padel. PadelQatar team is proud to see the growing up of both level and padel number of players, it is the main reason Padel Qatar was created :-)

After a period of silence, you have ready the first tournament of Padel Qatar 2020, the March Open Tournament. It will run between the 9th and 15th of March 2020.

It is formed by 3 categories (A as the higher level and C for Beginners, being B for intermediates). Every team will play a minimum of 2 matches, with consolation phase.

Registration and fees of 200QAR are required before the 7th of March.

Register online or in the phone 6634 4036

Good luck to everyone.

Smile & Enjoy


Dear padel lovers,


With the new academic year starting and the good temperatures right at the corner, from today, Tuesday the 10th of September, Padel Qatar wants to reward his/her clients and friends with the voucher ‘Play 6 Pay 5’, in which the 6th booking is for free.


Choose the voucher/s that suits you best and enjoy playing padel with us!


Terms and conditions apply:

  • The six bookings must be done within the 30 days after the first booking
  • Vouchers are personal and non-transferable
  • Valid only for regular bookings
  • There are vouchers for 60 minutes and vouchers for 90 minutes
  • Valid during the whole week days
  • Price of the voucher: 5 QAR
  • Valid in ALL the clubs of PadelQatar:

*Vouchers can be requested at any Padel Qatar court.


Smile & Enjoy


The last stage of the Qatar Padel Tour has come. 

From this monday 10th to 15th of June, in Al Arabi Sports Club, the best 16 players of the national ranking will play to get the thropy, the number 1 and our special trip to Barcelona (Spain) to attend the World Padel Tour Master Final in December. 

We are so proud of this first year of the circuit where we could see a real improve on every player. We also want to thank you all who has participate. More than 100 people has ranked this year and we hope for the next season we can have more stages, more players, more locations and more prizes.

But for now, lets enjoy the last tournament of the season, the program is already done so take a look and come to cheer up your favourite team.

We wait you all!!!!


The last Open in Al Arabi is released with the Padel Qatar Open.

A new opportunity to see in action the best players from Qatar in search of the title and the pass to the Final Master that will be played from June 11 to 14 with a final prize to go to see the finals of the World Padel Tour in December in Barcelona .

The draws and schedules are now ready in this tournament we have 3 categories and we reached a record of registrations.

For those who can not attend the matches, during this tournament, streaming matches will be broadcast on the PADEL QATAR Facebook fan page.

We also want to thank all of you for the success of the tour and our sponsors:

Audi Qatar and Royal Padel, without them all this would not be possible.

We are waiting for you in Al Arabi from the 22nd to the 26th of April


            As you may know the holy month of Ramadan is approaching, and in Padel Qatar we are hosting our second edition of the Ramadan Padel Teams Tournament

            This event will be host between the 6th of May and the 4th of June in all our branches.

            Every team has to have a captain and minimum 6 players, as the timmings and schedules will be set by the organization and a minimum of players must be guarantee. Captain can be (or not) a player. We invite you to create your own outfit and name for the team.

  • It will be a league format with groups of 3 teams each group.
  • The first 2 from each group will go a knock out draw.
  • Every journey will be played between two teams and consists on 3 matches, as you can see below:

Team A


Team B

1st match

1st  Team A


1st  Team B

2nd match

2nd Team A


2nd Team B

3rd match

3rd Team A


3rd Team B


            The teams who win two or more matches get the victory of the day, which means +2 points.

            If the team show up with less than 4 players the will be given the match as no presented with -1 points. One player can only play in one team.

            Rules and regulations will be updated.

            The registration fee of the Tournament is 1.500 QAR PER TEAM.

            To sign up please fill the enclosed sheet and send it to: before the 30th of April 2019 at midnight.


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