Qatar Padel Tour
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Aspire Open, what an event.

Welcome to the 3rd Stage of Qatar Padel Tour, this time we will playing in Aspire Zone.

It's been a while since padel has changed from a game to something serious. The level of this tournament is OUTSTANDING. 

Category A: 

What can we say this time for this draw?

Our last champion, Ramon Ramirez, is playing with a proffesional padel player: Willy Castañon, who has just won the World Championship +40, but that was only his last exploit.  Also the strongest team from Iran are joining this event.

Tough draw for a really great show to watch in Aspire. The qatar players have the chance to show their level to the world

Category B:

We need to name it category B but the way of the level in this group is growing so fast that soon we will need make a huge category A. 

All the teams has a chance to get the trophy this time, very balanced matches in all the lines. We are sure that everyone is going to have a lot of fun. 


We want you all there supporting and watching one of the most exciting tournaments in Doha. 


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